21st March 2020 marks the 60th International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Born from the anti-Apartheid struggle, the spirit of non-discrimination emanated by the martyrs 60 years ago is stressing for the necessity of unity more than ever before.

Grappling with the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 has caused the entire human race to realise that our existence and sustainability would be made possible when our collective strength is invested to build a strong generation by embodying virtues of inclusivity. In Malaysia, people from all walks of life are similarly exposed to this frightening Covid-19 where the feeling of fear, pain and uncertainty has wrapped our emotions over the past few months.

The frontliners comprised of Doctors, Health Workers, Cleaners and others shielded with masks and suits are risking their lives to save fellow human beings without dissecting the identity or religious beliefs of their patients. However, they are putting their personal lives in danger just to ensure we all could walk again freely on the streets and be able to physically connected with our beloved ones.

As the world is bitterly experiencing diseases and natural disasters, they have reminded us that our blood runs red whereas our weaknesses and vulnerabilities are open to viruses without racial or religious preferences. Testing times of today demands the humankind to sideline and gradually erase the notions that upholds racial and religious supremacy.

Though historically various viruses have been successfully treated and eradicated, the ‘racism virus’ has nevertheless tenaciously plagued our multi-ethnic composition for centuries.

Henceforth, we call our fellow Malaysians to discard the toxic disease of racism perpetuated primarily by race and religion based political parties who are unequivocally fatalistic to humanity than any other viruses ever existed. Let us be reminded that mother nature is emitting signals for us to embrace one another and rise beyond tangible distinctions of race and religion. For once, we shall pay heed to her voice and work hard so that we can proudly call ourselves a nation tested-negative for racism.

Last but not least, Pusat KOMAS wishes everyone a Happy International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Statement by: Pusat KOMAS