19 Nov 2021

Select Wisely and Reject Politicians and Political Parties that use Race and Religion in their Electoral Campaigns

Pusat KOMAS is disappointed with the recurring use of race and religion by politicians and political parties in their electoral campaigns. Based on the recent statement released by Architects of Diversity (AOD), at least 17 uses of the race and religion card were detected in the 15th Melaka state election campaign.
4 Oct 2021

Good Start, More to do to Walk the Talk

The recent racially charged statement made by a ruling party government-affiliated political party member against a national badminton player was uncalled for. It goes against the spirit of the recently announced ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ concept by the Prime Minister, the social cohesion that we have been working to build and sportsmanship altogether.

25 Aug 2021

Looking forward for an inclusive “Malaysian Family”, Mr. Prime Minister

The Covid-19 pandemic which was exacerbated by the recent political instability has brought Malaysia to a standstill, impacting all Malaysians regardless of their race and religion negatively. Now that the political situation in Malaysia has been “resolved” temporarily, we in Pusat Komas are hopeful that the newly minted Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri will be sincere in his efforts to steer all Malaysians, regardless of their race and religion out from this pandemic.

Join our 10th National Conference on Non-Discrimination!

IMPORTANT UPDATE!With the implementation of the Movement Control Order in selected states, we are making changes to our event. Part 1 of our National Conference will be held online on Thursday (14 Jan), 3:30pm-6:00pm. Part 2 will be announced soon, so stay tuned for more updates! Register for our programme this Thursday For more information, please contact Mr Awang at 013-2221548 or awang@komas.org  

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The irony of attacking liberalism and secularism in a democratic country

We, the undersigned civil society organisations, condemn the startling declaration made by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who has vowed to fight against secularism and liberalism through the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government and the alliance with UMNO and PAS. The Prime Minister, knowing the instability of the PN government which he leads, has mischievously opted for the age-old regressive tactic of trying to retain the support of...

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Menyerang liberalisme dan sekularisme di dalam sesebuah negara demokratik adalah satu tindakan yang ironi

Kami - pertubuhan masyarakat sivil yang disenaraikan berikut - mengecam kenyataan yang dibuat oleh Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Perdana Menteri berkenaan janji beliau untuk memerangi sekularisme dan liberalisme melalui Kerajaan Perikatan Nasional (PN) dengan gabungan bersama UMNO dan PAS. Menyedari ketidakstabilan Kerajaan PN yang dipimpin, beliau telah memilih taktik lapuk untuk menyerang prinsip-prinsip sekularisme dan liberalisme demi mengekalkan...

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Wakil rakyat yang dilantik harus peka dengan hubungan antara etnik

Merujuk kepada dua kejadian yang tidak menghiraukan sensitiviti kaum yang dilakukan oleh Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Jeram, Shaid Rosli dan Menteri Besar Kedah, Muhammed Sanusi Md. Nor, Pusat KOMAS dengan tegas mengecam tindakan dan sikap mereka yang tidak mempertimbangkan sensitiviti dan kepentingan memupuk hubungan antara etnik yang harmoni. Idea Shaid Rosli untuk menghentikan penjualan alkohol di bahagian “tidak halal” yang dikhaskan untuk...

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Elected representatives must be sensitive about inter-ethnic relationship

With reference to the two racially insensitive course of actions navigated by Jeram Assemblymen, Shaid Rosli and Kedah Chief Minister, Muhammed Sanusi Md. Nor, Pusat KOMAS strongly condemns both parties for lacking sensitivity and worst of all – common sense in championing a harmonious inter-ethnic relationship. The former’s idea of closing down the selling of alcohol in the non-halal section designated for non-Muslim customers is unequivocally...

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Racial and Religious Discrimination in ASEAN: A Need for a More Inclusive ASEAN

ASEAN today is deeply muddled by racial and religious issues. Racial and religious signifiers take precedence over other forms of self- and other- identifiers, signifying the deep-seated ethnic and religious identity consciousness among the people. Additionally, the increase in the number of groups championing their ethnic and religious superiority had led to the increase of hate, racial and religious discrimination against minority groups, who...

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Sabah shall be spearheading inclusive politics

Pusat KOMAS applauds the message of unity heralded by the incumbent Sabah state government, led by Dato Seri Shafie Apdal in the campaign trail of the Warisan plus coalition and other like-minded politicians. This step is indeed a way forward from a conservative political campaigning that often times, manipulates race and religion to win the hearts and minds of the voters. Malaysian political arena has been performing under the imaginary clutches...

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A new Malaysia Day

Selamat Hari Malaysia from Pusat KOMAS! This year will be the 57th year of Malaysia Day – the day that forged the 3 nations into one State of Malaysia. It is on this day we celebrate the formation of this beautiful and diverse country with distinct identities and separate autonomy functions in some aspects of governance. This is what we are proud of, our country, our Malaysia. While the design of our country, based on the Malaysian Agreement 1963,...

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Time to walk the talk on national unity, enough of dallying

Pusat KOMAS is amused and shocked with the suggestions of the Ministry of National Unity to conduct a fresh round of consultations with the aim of consolidating opinions of the public for the purpose of strengthening national cohesion and social unity. Our reactions are motivated by the lack of seriousness of learning lessons from the past and repeating the same type of modus operandi, while lacking seriousness in instituting real changes. The...

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Malaysia needs a holistic fight against racism, let’s denounce hypocrisy

The uncalled racist cum sexist slur made by Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, the Baling MP in the parliament sitting yesterday (13th July 2020), by telling the Batu Kawan MP, Kasthuri Patto to apply powder because of her dusky skin colour is totally unacceptable and must be reprimanded to prevent the repetition of any likewise incidences. The gruesome death suffered by George Floyd at the knees of racists is a mirage of a society that silently endorses and...

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