KUALA LUMPUR (10 FEBRUARY 2020) – To overcome racial discrimination in the workplace, the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM), Pusat KOMAS and Penang Institute came together in 2017 to formulate a regulatory document that promotes inclusivity and equal opportunities.

And so, the Code of Conduct for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities through the Elimination of Racial Discrimination came into being. It aims to ensure that the rights of individuals in employment are well protected.

The long-term goal is to nurture a socio-economic development that brings mutual benefits to both employers and employees. The Code of Conduct seeks to fashion work environments that are conducive and fair for employees, and that are attractive to investors as well as top-quality employees. Over time, best practices in employment should become second nature to employers and employees in Penang.

We congratulate the Penang state government for its support of the Code of Conduct, and for its courageous contribution towards the attainment of high employment standards in Malaysia.

The working committee would like to express its sincerest gratitude to the Penang state government, especially YAB Mr. Chow Kon Yeow (Chief Minister of Penang), YB Prof. Dr. Ramasamy (Deputy Chief Minister of Penang II) and YB Dato’ Haji Rashid b. Hasnon (former Deputy Chief Minister I) for their assistance, guidance and encouragement.

The support for the Code of Conduct by the Penang state government is in line with its Penang2030 vision. We are certain that it will inspire the rest of the country to lay the groundwork through the workplace for a deeper sense of brotherhood, inclusivity and equality.

Working Committee of Code of Conduct.
10 February 2020