Pusat KOMAS is appalled by the racist attacks made by the opposition MPs against the Minister of National Unity and Social Well-Being P.Waytha Moorthy who was wrapping up the 2019 Budget debate earlier today.

Malaysia is a nation which is built on the notion of inclusiveness. The call to sign and ratify the ICERD is in line with the notion and the Pakatan Harapan manifesto which states that “all citizens of any country aspire for an inclusive, harmonious, progressive, prosperous, just and equitable life, free from any forms of discrimination. The diversity of races and religions should be seen as a source of power, not as an obstacle”. A new Malaysia is expected to stop all forms of usage of the racial and religious card which pits one race with the other for the sake of short-term political expediency and gains.

Pusat KOMAS is shocked by the old ugly politics of the new opposition in the Parliament today by labelling the Minister as racist for calling for the ratification of ICERD. We would like to stress that for the past few weeks, the opposition parties have been in cahoots in inciting racism and provoking riot within the country by spreading false and malicious information on the implications on the ratification of ICERD in Malaysia. This is reflected in the statements made by the leaders of these political parties and the nationwide protest against the ratification of ICERD.

We would like to reiterate that the signing and the ratification of ICERD would not harm the welfare of the bumiputeras in Malaysia and in fact, strengthen the relevant provisions in the Federal Constitution which is aimed to promote the welfare of the bumiputeras in Malaysia. For far too long, Article 153 was misused by political elites to safeguard their own particular interests, disregarding the needs of the people who really need it. Pusat KOMAS is in the view that the opposition parties should STOP at all cause in its efforts to mislead the public and to act as champions of their own race and religion.

In the breath of the new Malaysia, all forms of racial provocation and instigation should cease to exist. The new opposition needs to grow mature politically and find ways to work with the new government and ministers for a better Malaysia locally and internationally.

Pusat KOMAS also calls upon the new government to desist falling into the racist traps by the opposition parties. The government should show its political will by denouncing such acts and march together to promote inclusiveness in the country. It is now time for us to show the world that we are not a racist country and not allow anyone to corner us there again.