With reference to the two racially insensitive course of actions navigated by Jeram Assemblymen, Shaid Rosli and Kedah Chief Minister, Muhammed Sanusi Md. Nor, Pusat KOMAS strongly condemns both parties for lacking sensitivity and worst of all – common sense in championing a harmonious inter-ethnic relationship.

The former’s idea of closing down the selling of alcohol in the non-halal section designated for non-Muslim customers is unequivocally amateurish as his reasons to maintain cleanliness is superficial or lacks genuineness compared to his “Malay Territory” claim. Here, we would like to correct the nature of his statement that it is largely populated by Malays but not an exclusive area for a single ethnic group. Even so, the decision of closing down the alcohol section based on the number of residences’ ethnicity, although the supermarket is adhering to proper procedures, is unnecessary and politically motivated.

Pusat KOMAS discourages Shaid Rosli and his like minded colleagues from misusing such situations for personal political mileage but instead take a bold step as enshrined in the Federal Constitution to educate and raise awareness on the importance of respecting the rights of the minorities in this beautiful country.

Muhammed Sanusi however, has gone a step backward in regurgitating the long-existing ethnic stereotypes associating Indians with toddy. While consumption of alcohol is a personal choice where ethnicity or religious belief could not be the specific criteria for one to consume alcohol, this supposedly forward-thinking Chief Minister has once again proven his incapability of leading a state and its people.

Both accounts exhibit to us that the elected representatives have forgotten that their victory in the previous election was a collective contribution of people from all walks of life. And, as a responsible person living in a multi-ethnic society, they must be accountable to their actions and speeches without any traces or inclinations to discriminate against any Malaysians regardless of their ethnicity and religious beliefs.

Pusat KOMAS would like to caution the elected representatives that they are here to serve the people regardless of personal biases and prejudices. If they are unable to do so, these representatives must resign and let people-minded candidates fill their shoes in the future.

Released by,
Pusat KOMAS.
6th December 2020.