In the light of current turn of events, Pusat KOMAS strictly condemns the undemocratic approach taken by several Malaysian politicians to undermine the people’s mandate given to Pakatan Harapan in leading our country. The prospect of forming a new government with the inclusion of UMNO and PAS appears to be an irrational move as they have consistently attacked the Chinese and DAP ministers on the grounds of ethnicity which proves their incompetency to work along with other ethnic groups. On the other hand, PH must reaffirm its commitment towards inclusivity and emphasise meritocracy over cronyism and nepotism.

The abominable character shown by the supposedly trusted political leaders require us, the masses, to reevaluate the integrity and honesty of these politicians. Their detestable version of saving Malaysia and Malaysians have only reaffirmed their unquenchable thirst to consolidate power into the very hands that once begged for the mercy and votes of Malaysians.

At this point of time, Pusat KOMAS puts it strongly that race-based political parties that stimulates divisiveness among Malaysians must be rejected at all cost. History has proven to us the manipulation of race and religion in the name of protecting the rights of ethnic and religious rights were merely a blanket used to protect and alleviate political mileages of these individuals. Instead of defending the aspiration of the people, political parties like UMNO, PAS, MCA, MIC and lately BERSATU along with individuals from other political parties betrayed their principles to become the wicked cahoots of the recent coup attempt.

The rhetoric and political propaganda of “uplifting the specific ethnic groups from poverty” seems to be a favourite political call repeated as long as the human race exists. Race-based political parties have no sincere will to reduce the disparity. This serves their agenda of keeping the politically linked members ridiculously rich, while most people remain at the margins.

Therefore, Pusat KOMAS vehemently reiterates the need for a Malaysian political party (parties) which advocates the demands of the poor, downtrodden, marginalised and the oppressed. We need political parties that are sincere in reforming the country to the prosperity of everyone and not a handful of elites. We need leaders who speak for all disregard of race, religion, language, wealth and any forms of differences. It is time to champion a Malaysia that belongs to all, a Malaysia that we would be proud of.

We humbly request the YDP Agong to uphold His Majesty’s constitutional duty to defend our democracy and an inclusive Malaysia. To Tun Dr. Mahathir, we call on you to not be tempted by party and partisan politics to be swayed back into an alliance with race based parties. As the experienced grandfather of the nation, wisdom and humility should prevail for the greater of Malaysians and its aspirations for reform.

Released by,
Pusat KOMAS.
27 th February 2020.