Pusat KOMAS commends the swift action of the Southern Klang police department in detaining four individuals that were suspected to be involved in physically and verbally abusing two bodyguards on 14 April 2021. Additionally, KOMAS echoes the South Klang Police Department’s reminder that members of the public or any affiliated individuals should not sensationalize this issue as a racial issue in the social media.

We believe that this incident should not have happened in a pluralistic society like Malaysia. However, the presence of incidents such as this provide an indication on the level of openness of the people towards the diversity of ethnicity, religion and culture in our country.

Even though this incident implicates a small group of individuals from a particular ethnic group, it should not be used to implicate the entire ethnicity. The people should avoid making judgments and inferences based on our own stereotypes and prejudices. Additionally, groups, agencies, individuals and politicians should not issue provocative racial and religious statements that would pit the non-Muslims against the Muslims.

In this case, Pusat KOMAS believes that the two bodyguards should be treated fairly and they should not be discriminated against based on their religious practices or beliefs. As an employee, they are free to practise their religious obligations. Furthermore, employers should maintain a working environment that is free from racial and religious harassment. They should treasure and celebrate the existing diversity in their workplace.

Therefore, we call upon all employers in the private and public sectors alike to uphold human rights in the workplace by ensuring that the working environment is free from racism and discrimination.

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16 April 2021