Virtual Run: Race To Equality

race to equality

Concept Note

Pursuant to Pusat KOMAS’ campaign for social cohesion and national unity, Race to Equality is a virtual run campaign in conjunction with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on 21st March 2021. The objective of the run is

  1. To permeate past ngo/cso networks and have ordinary citizens be proponents of the common aspiration of equal treatment for all Malaysians and eliminating racial discrimination and racism in Malaysia;
  2. To garner pledges from participants towards the aspiration for equality and of eliminating racial discrimination and racism in Malaysia; and
  3. To investigate if a run is a feasible means to an end: to popularise non-discrimination principles and spread awareness on the global movement towards the elimination of race and racial superiority.


Essence of a Virtual Run

A virtual run- opposed to a physical, collective run- is a running event that one could participate at any location, at one’s own pace, outside or on a treadmill, alone or with a group of friends. The participant is required to run (yes, physically) with a running/exercise app e.g. Strava to track their running achievements and progress. After running, the participant would be required to submit screenshots of their progress to the registered platform.

komas virtual run

Distances and Rationale

Race to Equality encompasses the following distances. 9km, 16km, 31km for the individual category and 57km and 63km for the team category. These symbolic numbers are derived from Malaysia’s formation on 16.9.63 and Malaysia’s independence on 31st August 57. We take these momentous dates to highlight the times in which Malaysia forged sacred bonds of unity and hope we can once again move towards such harmony.


Entitlements and Requirements

The first requirement is that at the point of registration, each participant shall pledge to the following statement:

To stand up against all forms of racial discrimination and hate speech in building a more equal and inclusive Malaysian nation.

The second requirement necessitates participants to take selfies of themselves in the registration T-shirt and submit the photo to the running platform. With these photos, Pusat KOMAS aims to thread a strong narrative from a collage of the same. This narrative shall lucidly display ordinary Malaysians committing towards the ideal of national unity, having already pledged their support to this aim. Albeit the run taking a solitary format (each one running by themselves), the run aims to capture a rising consciousness amongst ordinary Malaysians. Social unity starts with the individual choice to choose societal camaraderie over preference of race and this run highlights that.

In terms of entitlements, all participants shall be given a registration T-shirt.



launch and
registration T-

Slogan and Banner

Race to Equality derives its rationale from the consciousness of initiating a sustainable movement towards greater equality of treatment between Malaysia’s plural ethnicities. In the pursuit of equality, it is Pusat KOMAS’ aspiration that racial discrimination shall be an ostracised and unpopular phenomenon. ‘Race’ in the slogan signifies the positive movement towards Equality and simultaneously refers to a shift of focus from race (the ethnicity) to the ideal of Equality.

The visual was conceptualised by renowned Malaysian artist Mr Yeoh Kean Thai. The ideation highlights Equality in the equality sign icon (two parallel lines in ethnic motifs particular to indigenous Sarawakian communities) and the hands signify the five pillars of humanity (the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects) coming together in promoting Malaysia’s equality and unity. The colours represent the Malaysian flag.



The T-shirts are entitlements at the point of registration. The white is for Individual participants and the dark blue for team participants. The T-shirts were designed by Soon Wei Xen.