Pusat KOMAS wishes all Malaysians, Happy Malaysia Day!

On May 1961, Tunku Abdul Rahman mooted the ambitious idea of a new federation – Malaysia. This credulous notion of 4 nations (Sarawak, Sabah, Singapore and Malaya) coming together was generally accepted by many despite the concerns raised on the socio-economic and political stability of these individual states.

Nevertheless, two years upon the embryonic stage, 16th September 1963 became a historical achievement as the visionary leaders of different states were happy to align themselves for the greater common good of the people, exhibiting a unity-benign moment that aims to celebrate, cherish and preserve the beauty found amidst diversity

The states elicited a strong bonding between the nations through the spirit of the living document of Malaysian Agreement ‘63 (MA63). Serving as an international document, MA63 permitted the formation of Malaysia to be respectful of the innate culture and customs of the respective states, in addition to the autonomous status of both Sabah and Sarawak as enshrined under the agreement.

Exulted for decades for its unity, Malaysia is now severely tested in the muds of growing racism and racist ideologies. Sickening and worrying as it sounds, the plaguing racism is threatening the vision laid out by our founding fathers for a nation of equality for all.

Malaysia Day is a momentous day to remind our fellow citizens of the perennial contribution of people from different walks of life, irrespective of race and religion, in the struggle for a developed nation that we are enjoying today. After 56 years, instead of a more united Malaysia,  the nation is more divided as racial rhetoric is more dangerously pronounced than before.

Pusat KOMAS believes this nation can only be united when the people in power stays away from misusing race and religion as their populist political tool.  This dangerous politics of racism from west Malaysia mainly, have been proven time and again to be detrimental and hazardous to the fabric of our society. Whilst assertion of identity politics of Borneo states is a legitimate call, it should not be an avenue to incite hatred towards West Malaysians.

In the words of our first Prime Minister; “the ordinary Rakyat with power in their hands, use your wisdom, protect your rights, in order to preserve our beloved nation, Malaysia, because it’s not only this present generation that depend on our nation, that depends on fairness in our nation, but even our next generation to come all depend on the governance of our nation”. Together we guard this nation for all Malaysians.

Released by,
Pusat KOMAS.
16 August 2019