Pusat KOMAS: A Wish for a Malaysia that belongs to all

Pusat KOMAS urges the government to wake up and address the regressive forces trying to disintegrate fellow Malaysians through instigations of racial and religious hatreds. Pusat KOMAS condemns the recent hurls spewed by Zakir Naik, who has called the Chinese as “penumpang” (guests) and questioned the loyalty of the Indians to our country.

We would like to remind the people from both sides of the divide that this nation was constructed through the blood, sweat and tears of Malaysians that consists of peoples from all backgrounds. Any mischievous attempts by insensitive people like Zakir Naik must be strictly reprimanded to ensure the peace and harmony of our society do not go down the drain.

All leaders must bear in mind that there is no space for any expression which aims to exhibit intolerances and prejudices against a specific group of people on the grounds of race or religion (among many others) that might be offensive, condescending or threatening. Any intention to stir up confusions, incite hatred against any ethnic or religious groups should not be allowed.

A proud Malaysian legacy of multiculturalism that has valued compassion, kindness, acceptance and inclusivity should not be contaminated with negativity and racist ideologies. All Malaysians must stand up to defend these values and reject people spewing counter values.

It is therefore shocking that the previous government easily fast-tracked and granted him a PR status! Even more baffling is the segments within this “New Malaysia” ruling coalition that continue to rally behind him.

Pusat KOMAS concurs with the views of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim that Malaysia is a multi-religious and multiracial country, hence pandering to sentiments of either purely racial of religious bigotry must always be prevented. We also welcome the Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad’s comment in labelling the recent statement of Zakir Naik as inflammatory and insensitive against the minorities in this country proves his commitment towards a cohesive society – while it is late but still glad that common sense has finally prevailed.

As we lead up to Malaysia Day, the nation’s resilience against bigots and extremist are tested yet again – but only true Malaysian parties could withstand this test. It’s the time, again, to rally together to hold this nation of equals.

It is incumbent for the PH government to step up to its leadership in the best interest of all Malaysians and intensify serious efforts to instil inclusivity and respect for all. Please do not bow down to cheap tricks for political mileage and gains that were the norm of the old Malaysia.

Released by,
Pusat KOMAS.
19 August 2019.