Press Coverage 2017

Press Conference on Lena Hendry’s Case

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Press Coverage on Lena Hendry’s Case

Film censorship is being used to quell discourse in Malaysia – Asian Correspondent 

As everyone talks about the Oscars, one British films is being silenced – theCanary

Malaysia: Convicted for Showing a Film – Prosecution of Lena Hendry Violates Right to Free Expression – Human Rights Watch

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Malaysian court finds film activist guilty for showing SL war documentary – Adaderana 

Malaysian court finds film activist guilty for showing SL war documentary – Onlanka

Court Finds Film Activist Guilty for Showing Sri Lanka War Documentary without Approval in Malaysia – Asian Mirror

Malaysian activist found guilty of screening unapproved Lankan documentary – Times Online

Hendry’s conviction marks injustice in legal system, says Suaram –

Urgent Appeal regarding Malaysian Human Rights Defender Lena Hendry – Lanka e Voice

Court finds film activist guilty for showing Sri Lanka war documentary without approval – MalayMailOnline

Conviction of Lena Hendry a serious violation of freedom of expression – CIJ

Activist Lena Hendry disappointed over conviction – The Star Online

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Racism Malaysia & ICERD Ratification

Pushing the principles of non-discrimination – Daily Express

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