What you can do


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Organise a screening and share our films with your community. Bring the voices of the marginalized to your living rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, places of worship, flats, community centers, or theatres to hold lively discussions and inspire action to promote human rights!

Screening guides are available to get you started! Order a DVD today based on our selections or better yet, download them so you can make your own.And if you think that these videos will certainly benefit a friend/ community, order one for them too!


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If you feel strongly about the issues that KOMAS champions for, then organize a training workshop in your community! KOMAS is ever ready with the necessary creative resources needed to craft a suitable training/ workshop module based on the objectives and needs of your community.

KOMAS’ brand of interactive, creative and fun trainings using popular communication tools will make “difficult human rights concepts”simple to understand.


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Volunteers play an important role in KOMAS’ work so if you have the time, energy and skills to share, there are various things you can be involved in KOMAS’ programmes.


You can become part of our organizing team to prepare and organize workshops film screening sessions, and other exciting activities organized by KOMAS.


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You can offer yourself to be trained as a trainer to help spread the knowledge and perspective of human rights to different target audiences such as urban poor residents, students, workers, indigenous communities and many more.


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You can use your effective media and communication skills by being part of our documentation team through photography, videography and written documentation of our activities.