Komas Associates

KOMAS Associates are individuals who have consistently contributed their time and talents to KOMAS and are part of our team in carrying out many of our programmes.


Karen Kuek_1


Karen Kuek is a mass communication graduate with desire to embark on a career in producing and directing specifically on factual programs. A qualifies rescue diver with passion in underwater photography and videography.



Arvind Raj_1


Arvind Raj is now an Independent Video Journalist, having previously been the Video Journalist at Malaysiakini TV and at Free Malaysia Today’s video unit. During his stint at Malaysiakini TV and Free Malaysia Today, he focused and shot videos mainly related to human rights including poor and marginalized society, the transgender plights, demolishing the poor heritage villages and estate-worker issues. Arvind owns a video blog named Cryingvoices.tv, a video site focusing mainly on human rights, minority and marginalized community issues. The video blog is set to launch officially in the mid of June.

FahmiReza (1)


Fahmi Reza is a self-taught graphic designer, arts worker and political activist. He has dedicated himself entirely to non-commercial projects, working with non-profit groups, movements and NGOs on various social and political causes. As a political graphic designer, he has been openly critical of the government through his posters, and have been arrested and banned for his work. In 2007, he directed the critically-acclaimed historical documentary ’10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka’, which was awarded the Most Outstanding Human Rights Film at the 2007 Freedom Film Fest. He is committed to combining art, activism and politics to explore the role of art and design in movements for social change. He aims to make this world a better place, one poster at a time.


Shufiyan aka Shuf has been in mass communications since 1992 – practically covering the entire spectrum of the field: publishing,  public relations, journalism, and advertising. He covered the Multimedia Super Corridor when it was in its infancy, writing and editing for MSCTimes.com and later provided video content for Cyberjaya.tv and Malaysia.tv, two early adopters of online publishing of video content. He is a firm believer in the power of video, especially in advocacy initiatives. In November 2006, Shufiyan joined Malaysiakini and helmed its video initiative, Malaysiakini.tv right up until 2013 when Malaysiakini.tv was superseded by Kinitv.com under a new management structure and he took on a reduced role as senior producer for video features until April 2014. He is now in a state of flux.



Chi Too broke up with film making to pursue a fine art practice using humor, satire and visual poetic s, creating a diverse system of objects that include videos, installations, performances, sculptures, and photography to reveal his own never ending emotional struggles and personal reflections. His experimental music, performances and playful self-organised public art projects such as Main Dengan Rakyat, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright and Lepark display a genuine need to engage with space and audiences that form part of his complex multifaceted approach to practice. Since then, as a self-taught artist outsider, he has been developing his fine art practice and has participated in various exhibitions and performance events in Malaysia and abroad.



Brenda Danker is a media producer whose wide range of works cover social issues specifically affecting women, youth, and the marginalized. Her biting portrayal of these issues in both film and television has gained much critical acclaim. She lectures at Sunway University and is currently researching the impact of visual activism in Malaysia. She is also the Production Consultant to Freedom FilmFest.




Tsu Chong is a trained accountant who is presently teaching part-time in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. He is also a social activist specializing in project strategizing, fundraising, social media campaigning, and research. His exposure to various social injustice and human rights violations in Malaysia during his student years has driven him to contribute towards a better Malaysia for all.




Jasmine is a postgraduate student in the National University of Malaysia in the field of Architecture. She was the coordinator in the flood relief efforts carried out by JKOASM-KOMAS. She has been helping out with several events organized by KOMAS.





Irene Yap, a free spirited traveler by heart, a photographer by profession. One of the founder and principal photographer of WTF ( Who’s That Fotografer). Working independently and mostly shoot for weddings and events. Being a photographer, to love and be able to capture human emotion and expression, the outcome is timeless. Draw inspiration from small extraordinary thing that surround us.



Lena joined the KOMAS team as an administrative officer in September 2009 and later on took on the role of coordinating the of the non-discrimination programme in December 2010. She served as the Festival Manager of FreedomFilmFest before leaving KOMAS in 2017. She holds a Bachelor of Psychology Degree from the HELP University College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is also an active member of CAN (Community Action Network), an independent social concern organization.



Ryan joined the KOMAS team as the programme coordinator of the non-discrimination programme. He was responsible of the research, monitoring and reporting of the trends of racial discrimination in Malaysia. Ryan has also organized, supported and participated in several ASEAN civil society programmes and project managed several non-discrimination projects in KOMAS. He also conducts several non-discrimination (anti-racism) training with university students and government agencies. He holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science Degree (Flinders-HELP Joint Degree) from HELP University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ryan is also actively involved in developing and training youths and students around Malaysia.